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The farting post

The exact source of the record is unknown, but according to a post on as a benchmark of high-end fart comedy for more than half a century. Great Crepitation Fart Contest You'll enjoy the fart-off between champion Englishman Lord . Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). For many, many years, I have heard about 'The Farting Post' from my dad (age 64 now) who said it was just hilarious! Is there any way of.

Warning: This post involves some serious nudity in, erm, we present “He- gassen (The Fart Battle),” a very serious depiction of mostly nude. We send farts to your friends for you! Dr. Stink explains Fart By Mail . wait in line at the post office, and send the fart jar and greeting card for a premium but. A Colorado artist says he has reached a settlement with Elon Musk after challenging the Tesla tycoon's use of a farting unicorn motif that he had.

After his Instagram page dedicated to sharing his work farts went viral, a security officer at a Florida hospital learned that sometimes, fame stinks. When his.