Vuze stuck at 99.9 download

Vuze stuck at 99.9

For stuck torrents, you may be able to find another torrent with the same file using Swarm Merging. Another possibility: Some routers/firewalls. Hi guys, so I've been having this problem for a few days now: some downloads with active seeders get stuck at %. One of the files in the. Torrent not downloading? Download seems to be stuck and making no progress ? The first thing to check is that the download is actually.

I'm currently downloading through Azureus and a particular file is stuck at % I 've looked at Azureus' Wiki and tried both solutions they list. Hello everyone! This is my first topic hereLately I have a problem with some's stops at % and I don't know what to do. I reinstal my. Vuze Dead? I've kept loaded for months and they never get past that % mark. . % usually indicates that a part of a file is missing.

I've seen this with more than one client, usually the download will progress as usual but then at the very end it will just keep on redownloading. The way you do that is just start the same torrent in vuze, stop it and copy the But to my surprise, the torrent still got stuck just like in deluge. I have been trying to download a torrent, and it has been stopping at 99%. I tried using C-Cleaner, delete the download files with no avail.