Change default location mac download

Change default location mac

Convinced that this is a Mac issue, I contacted Mac support twice, and You can change the default path settings in Preferences >Options. Keep forgetting to clean out your Downloads folder? We're here to help you fix that! We'll show you how to change where your files download. How to Change Your Mac's Default Screenshot Directory Click Command+Shift +N to create a new folder, where your screenshots will go.

When in File Locations, set the path you want Word to use by clicking in the Location field. The default setting, which appears blank in the. If you do sudo man path_helper, it talks a bit about how it puts the path together. You might look in /etc/paths and /etc/paths.d. I did, and found. Mac Tip: How to set the default Finder folder. Info Change your Finder default landing location, and make your workflow that much smoother.

Changing to a new default documents folder in Mac OS X is simply a matter of creating a new folder inside your Home Directory. This can be useful when your. Is there any way I can change the location of the Documents, Downloads, Mac Rumors .. all the programs with "Downloads" as the default location for files will still work, but all the files will actually go to the external folder. With the help of Terminal, I'm going to show you how to change the default save location of screenshots to anywhere you want in Mac OS X.