Jordanian traditional music download

Jordanian traditional music

The traditional music of Jordan has a long history. Rural zajal songs, with improvised poetry played with a mijwiz, tablah, arghul, oud, rabab and reed pipe . Music of Jordan. The folk music of Jordan can be distinguished from that of its neighboring countries like Syria and Saudi Arabia by its strong Bedouin influence . Information about folk / traditional music for Jordan and list of songs and artists and related information!.

From raging rock to ethereal electro, contemporary Jordanian music defies expectations. Read on to discover this up and coming music scene. The traditional music of Jordan has very ancient roots. One of the most noted styles of music comes from the rural communities and is known as. When you hear our traditional Bedouin music you might think you hear similarities with music from Yemen. You are not mistaken. All Bedouin music originates.

Classic Jordanian Music - As - Salam. 3. Traditional Jordanian Music - Moab. 4. Jordanian Country Music - American Zajal. 6.