Minecraft plane crash adventure map download

Minecraft plane crash adventure map

It is a simple Minecraft map built for but should work on all other versions. along the way the plane crashes and your stranded on an island.. alone. The Crash is an action adventure map in which you need to survive a plane crash, search the world for a man named:Nick, and even fight in a. My first adventure map have to admit it kinda sucks. I posted no pics so its more of a surprise. I didn't make it for huge publicity either. Just for a.

This is a map where you have crashed in the wilderness. You must survive by going through obstacle courses and thinking outside the box. READ BELOW. Minecraft Plane Crash Map. Made by kebabtime Tustetrollet If you can't find the plane here's the cordinates 77 x y z. Please leave a diamond it means a . You are on a plane trip to Brazil. You went to sleep for a few minutes and when you wake up you find that everyone on the plane is missing!.

The Crash Adventure Map is an action adventure map in which you need to survive a plane 9Minecraft | Minecraft Mod As you look around to see what happened you discover you are the only person left in the plane. A haunted Minecraft map made for any player looking for some fun! flight attendant comes online telling all the passengers that the plane is going down.. a few moments One of the first adventure maps I've actually done.