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Maukie is the cutest virtual cat. Move your cursor and Maukie will follow. Scratch her head, and she'll meow. IMPORTANT NOTE! People like to have Maukie as wallpaper on their computer. They also like to have a desktop icon. This is OK if you SAVE THE FILE TO. Try petting Maukie on head and body, and tail. Also move your cursor around her and watch her bat at your mouse. No one knows who created Maukie. I found.

Free Download Maukie - This Yahoo widget displays an animated cat on your desktop. To see the Maukie movie, you need the Flash Player, which you can download from Adobe. Run your cursor around Maukie's body and she'll do cat-like things!. Collapse these bunches of cute maukies! Click the groups of horizontally or vertically connected blocks with the same-color kittens. For each collapse you .

Tease Maukie with the mouse pointer on her chest or stomach and she'll purr. She'll meow when you rub her forehead. If you make a slow circle around her. Move pointer along tail, above head, below feet, around ears, around belly, and between eyes. See here for more information.