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Cold case christianity

Online home to J. Warner Wallace, author of Cold Case Christianity and Christian apologist. Now Is The Time to Read Cold Case Christianity The historic truth claims of. "Cold-Case Christianity is a fantastic book. I wish I had this resource when I first examined the Christian faith. It would have answered many of my questions and .

Written by an L. A. County homicide detective and former atheist, Cold-Case Christianity examines the claims of the New Testament using the skills and. Start your church on an investigation of the case of Jesus of Nazareth with a real- life detective! J. Warner Wallace, cold-case homicide detective and former. James "Jim" Warner Wallace (born June 16, ) is an American homicide detective and He has authored several books, including Cold-Case Christianity , God's Crime Scene, and Forensic Faith, in which he applies principles of cold case.

COLD-CASE CHRISTIANITY for KIDS. Investigate Jesus with a Real Detective. CCC4K_Icon1. GOD'S CRIME SCENE for KIDS. Investigate the Case for God's. J. Warner Wallace's Cold-Case Christianity may well be The Case for Christ for a new generation. He has a unique approach of his own.