Createrepo rpm for rhel5 download

Createrepo rpm for rhel5, Creates a common metadata repository repository, Mageia 6 for x86_64, Download for CentOS 5 from CentOS James Antill> - - Add createrepobad-xml. patch. File Name, Distribution, Version, Release, Architecture, Download. 1, createrepo- m, ATrpms / Redhat Enterprise Linux 5, , el5.

Which packages should I install to have createrepo and reposync commands cp *.rpm /var/www/html/repo # createrepo /var/www/html/repo. Name: createrepo. Version: , Vendor: Dag Apt Repository, http:// dag_wieers_com/apt/. Release:, Date: Group: System. RedHat EL 6, branches:/openSUSE:/Tools/RHEL_6/x86_64/createrepo-suse x86_rpm.

Creating your own repository in RHEL5. To install the RPM, you'll need to type this command: # yum install createrepo. What this will do is put all your customer . As a work around, I moved everything to /tmp which is mounted on locally installed disk. createrepo then ran fine. After I moved the /tmp/repo. The procedure of creating a Redhat repository is quite simple task. DVD as your system's repository, then to install createrepo package. Hello all, I'm stuck with a problem on REDHAT Enterprise (uname -r show: ELsmp) The only way to install package is using RPM, but.