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The massive screen at wrestling venues that show the wrestler's entrance videos while their entrance song is being played. Notice during the rumble, a lot of them were just their names. Back in the day it was the logos, and names, and a montage of them wrestling. So. amMatt's Titantrons, Minitrons & Themes | Charlotte, Updated Official John Cena, Updated Official Seth Rollins, NEW Doctor Of Thuganomics.

This is where i'm going to be posting all of my Titantrons/Minitrons/Walltrons. Ctrl +F the wrestlers tron you want. If you can't find it request it in. Newest TITANTRONS WWE 2K By TubishLV, May 31, 1 reply; views. AbhishekGamingâ„¢; June 19, Ever dreamed of having a WWE TitanTron in your living room? That dream became a reality for WWE super fan Nick Mundy, who received an.

I think they do. I've seen some entrances at certain events where they had the original entrance video playing on a smaller screen and the. we could have super authentic entrances for wrestler creations it would be perfect and could make alternate versions of superstars e.g make.